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Building facade from titanium sheets
Coils awaiting shipment

Semi-finished products for the whole world

As manufacturer of semi-finished products we work closely with the processing industry and trade stockists. Outokumpu VDM has decades of experience not only in the production of high-performance materials, but also in marketing and trading these materials. We can offer a tremendously wide portfolio of materials for most of today’s advanced industrial applications.

You can obtain strip, sheet, plate, bar and wire from Outokumpu VDM. These semi-finished products are made from nickel alloys, high-alloy special stainless steels, commercially pure titanium, titanium alloys, cobalt-based alloys and zirconium. Our alloys are certified in conformance with all current national and international standards and specifications.

As specialists for nickel alloys in all product forms, we have accumulated a wealth of know-how in forming technology. Processing companies will profit from our experience in materials selection and our knowledge of the processing of sheet and plate, bar, billet, wire, strip, tube and pipe.

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